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What If My Car Fails State Inspection?

Air Check Texas

What do I do if my vehicle fails an emissions test?

The AirCheck Texas emissions test shows that your vehicle is generating higher levels of air pollution than it should. Your Vehicle Inspection Report details why it failed.

You must repair the problem that caused you vehicle to fail. After repairs are made, take your vehicle back to the same inspection station within 15 days of your first inspection for a free retest. If you qualify, AirCheckTexas Drive a Clean Machine can help you with money towards repair or replacement of your vehicle.

Drive a Clean Machine

What financial assistance is available?

Repair assistance is available on the following:

Up to $600 for emissions-related repairs performed by emissions repair facilities recognized by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS)

Who Qualifies?

Your vehicle must meet the following conditions:

  • Failed an emissions test
  • Registered in your program area for at least 12 consecutive months preceding your application, and
  • Passed the safety portion of the DPS motor-vehicle safety and emissions inspection and driven under its own power to the inspection station.

You can qualify whenever your vehicle fails an emissions test. Visit driveacleanmachine.org for more infomation.

Can I get a waiver or extension?

The Texas Department of Public Safety may issue an emissions-testing waiver or time extension for qualifying vehicles that pass all requirements of the standard safety inspection.

These include extensions for either low-income vehicle owners or parts availability, and waivers either for low yearly mileage or when all repair options have failed.; More information on waivers and time extensions is available at airchecktexas.com