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Sybren was asked by the Better Business Bureau and Channel 2 to assist by checking out the condition of a Toyota Highlander and to disable something simple that would make it run bad.

Then Jace Larson and his producer took it to several shops and used a hidden camera to see what happened. While the conclusion of the investigation makes us sad, it also makes us more determined to fix cars right, to work with integrity, and to give our customers a great customer service experience.

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Houston Shop Going Strong After 68 Years Still Making ‘the Adolf Difference’

A historical Houston shop started almost seven decades ago is going stronger than ever.

Adolf Hoepfl & Son Garage has “new” owners, but it’s still a mom-and-pop shop, just as it always has been. And the new owners’ business philosophy is much like the Hoepfls’: Take care of customers, give back to the community and the business will take care of itself.

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A History Lesson: While this shop exudes history, the services it provides customers are very current.

You have to appreciate the retro vibe of the place: the period signage, the awnings, the squared off roof. Then there’s the name: Adolf Hoepfl Garage; definitely not slick, but memorable. Despite being a little hard on the tongue — as co-owner Kathryn van der Pol points out, “Texans like to be helpful; one of our slogans is Friendly, Expert Service since 1946; its ‘helpful’ without the ‘l’”—it denotes nearly seven decades of history in the Houston area.

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Best Mechanic Houston 2012 – Adolf Hoepfl & Son

The immaculately white, bunting-adorned, vintage-neon-announced Hoepfl garage appears almost as a mirage amid this sea of asphalt, exhaust miasma and general automotive grunge. Once inside, you’ll find that the TLC doesn’t stop at creating a pretty exterior.

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Going the extra mile: Adolf Hoepfl & Son Garage

A former Latin teacher, Kathryn van der Pol had never even been inside a repair shop when she and her husband took over Adolf Hoepfl & Son Garage in 2004. But after immersing herself in the business, van der Pol has helped her husband, Sybren — a mechanic for more than 30 years — nearly double sales and build up an already stellar reputation for the Garden Oaks repair shop.

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