Do preventive maintenance & save money

Remember the old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?” Even in the 21st century, this is great advice for good preventive maintenance for your car.

Here’s why preventive maintenance is worth it.

We all know how hot cars can be in the summertime especially in Houston. All moving metal parts whether it is a brake system or a transmission depend on lubricating fluids to work. Besides engine oil, there are five other fluids in cars that lubricate major systems of your vehicle. They are: brake fluid, transmission fluid, coolant, power steering fluid, and differential fluid. All of these fluids are lubricating oils made up with a special cocktail of chemicals designed to keep the metal parts working smoothly and tirelessly. If the fluids stay clean and pure, the hard parts will work basically forever.

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But fluids deteriorate over time. They become contaminated with dirt, corrosion, sometimes water vapor (which is NOT a lubricant) and no longer are able to do their job.

When these lubricating fluids get dirty and start looking like steak sauce two things happen.

First, the friction of constant motion causes metal parts to overheat. In the worst case, they break. Think engine running out of coolant and bending a rod.

The second thing is that contaminants in these fluids pit the metal and damage the smoothness of the metal parts. This is how wear and tear happens.

A lot of breakage and even wear and tear is preventable just by maintaining the five “precious” fluids.

We utilize a line of products that offer a protection plan. A protection plan means that we will reimburse you for the cost of the repair provided you have done the preventive maintenance service. We are able to offer this because the likelihood of the parts failing are minimal when you do the proper maintenance. This is lifetime protection for as long as you own the vehicle and it is even transferable.

So how often do you have to have these systems serviced?

  • Engine Oil 7,500 miles (although we do not generally recommend waiting that long)
  • Brake Fluid 3Adolf’s Garage,000 miles or 3 years
  • Power Steering Fluid 3Adolf’s Garage,000 miles
  • Transmission Fluid 3Adolf’s Garage,000 miles
  • Radiator 3Adolf’s Garage,000 miles
  • Differential 3Adolf’s Garage,000 miles

This plan is called the BG Protection Plan and is available for any car that is serviced with less than 75,000 miles. The amount of protection is higher when your car has less than 36,000 miles. A lot of repair shops offer flushes and additives, but only BG Products has a research lab that uses real science to test their products against their competitors. They also are only available at the best auto repair shops. If you use BG Products, you do not need an extended warranty. Most extended warranties limit what they cover and do not offer lifetime protection.

So, prevent an expensive repair by maintaining your vehicle fluids and relax in knowing that you are Being Good to your car. This July we are offering 10% off all of our fluid exchanges when you mention seeing this article.

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