Car Tip : Flood Damaged Cars

If your car flooded while it was parked, don't start it! Check the air filter first and make sure it is dry. Otherwise the air intake system will suck up water straight into your engine and lock it up.

We can fix flooded vehicles and work with insurance companies. If your car is flooded, please call us. We open today at 7:30 a.m. Our emergency number is 713 516-4282. Remember, if your believe there is any possibility that your engine has water in it, do not attempt to start your car.

After the rain stops, if you have wet carpet, it is vitally important to pull the carpet completely out of your car.  Most of the time, it can be cleaned and deodoorized and will be as good as new.  We do this work as well. If you leave wet carpet in your car, it allows moldy smells to accumulate.  It can also damage the electrical components that are under the seats and floorboard.