Advice For Flood Services

We are sorry for all clients, friends, employees, and our family who have experienced loss. Our prayers are with you and we will be here if you need us.

Here are some important reminders about taking care of your car:

1. If the vehicle died in flood water, under NO circumstances attempt to restart. If you do, you are guaranteed to bring flood water into the engine and lock it up. If you need to get it towed, call us. We are making a list of folks whose are stranded. And
as soon as our wrecker drivers are on the road, we will get your vehicles towed. I already have one working and expect to have two more by 10 AM.

2. Cars can be saved even if the carpets are wet. Do not wait for your insurance to pull out the wet carpet in your cars. Your policy actually requires you to take preventive measures to reduce damage. Wet carpet can destroy all the computer modules under your seat, plus it will make your car odiferous! So it is vitally important to pull out wet carpet. Mold will start growing in 24 hours. Will post more car tips later. Stay safe and pray for sun!