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Congratulations to our Winners!


Charles Alexander

First Place People’s Choice Award

1967 Ford Mustang


Anthony Zuccarini

Second Place People’s Choice Award

1962 Chevy Pick-Up


Mark Jozwiak

Third Place People’s Choice Award

1970 Chevrolet Chevelle

Winter 4

Martha Villalobos

Most Distance Traveled Award

1985 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Winter 5

John “Buddy” Aden

Most Interesting Car History Award

1961 Morris Minor 1000

Morri Minor

Stan Jankowshi

Oldest Vehicle Award

1931 Ford Coupe

Check out the Video Below for More Pictures!

We also had a Classic Car Art Contest where children from Garden Oaks and Oak Forest Elementary Schools drew pictures of Classic Cars! The winners were given die-cast model cars, donated by Main Auto Parts and CarQUEST. The Car Show Attendees voted on their favorite pictures and here are the winners!

First Place

1st Place Alonso Trevino

Alonso Trevino

Garden Oaks Elementary

Second Place

2nd Place Isaac Palacio

Isaac Palacio

Oak Forest Elementary

Third Place

3rd Place Miles Escalante

Miles Escalante

Oak Forest Elementary

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He professionally plays the ukulele, bass, guitar, and sings. He also teaches ukulele classes and arranges music for a number of bands. He performs professionally in many venues.