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Who Works on Your Vehicle?

The Crew

The whole crew at Adolf Hoepfl & Son Garage


In the Office

Elva Marge Simpson

Elva Jones, the friendly voice you hear calling to remind you when your state inspection or your oil change is due, was a long time employee at a Dodge Chrysler dealership with over 20 years experience. Elva has been our receptionist and cashier since the beginning of 2010. She wasn’t too fond of the idea of having her picture online! So we decided Marge was a good fit.



Virginia van der Pol is our other friendly voice and face you will see in the office. Virginia can find your correct sparks plugs or catalytic converter almost as quickly as her Sybren can (Yes, that’s her dad). She is active in the Automotive Service Association, of which Kathryn (her mom) served as President, and Sybren is a board member. She is 100% dedicated to getting your car fixed correctly, efficiently, and communicating with our customers.


Our Technicians


John DeWitt may not be a master technician on paper yet, but he is every bit of one in practice. He is our engine rebuilder and does all the tough hard heavy work in the shop. John has been working with us since 2008.



Roland Garcia is from Maryland but grew up in the Philippines. He became an engineer and then decided to become an auto technician. He is a Master ASE Certified Tech with an L-1 Certification (the highest in our industry) and he has been here for almost two years. He is the check engine light king.